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Joomla Setup, Hostgator within cpanel quick install and you can easily do so through extremely quickly. Joomla quick install to install the files from ftp to your site take a long time while within a few seconds with joomla you can install the software to the latest version. Such as the opening of the data base operations are performed automatically.

Hostgator joomla installation video watch Joomla setup illustrated lecture and joomla has powerful admin panel tools information you can find in our article.

Hostgator joomla hosting Joomla offers the ideal infrastructure for hosting a site. buy web hosting after Cpanel Turkish in hosting, you can manage.

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Joomla up to date and constantly brings up new versions of the php version may need. Hostgator program versions you can look at. Hostgator supports the most current php versions. If Your joomla installation when you want to enter your site and you have made ‘your host needs to use PHP 5.3.1 or higher to run this version of joomla!’ if you receive a warning like the Ticket and live support with the help of php version update request.

joomla installation:

after logging in to cpanel Programs / Services section of the quickbelow you will find.


Quick Install Joomla WordPress allows you to install software such as more than 75. cms software (content management software) to joomla click.

joomla quickinstall

Joomla software latest version will come from. Continue button.

hostgator joomla setup

that you will do the installation, select the site, e-mail, user name, site name, type information. Sample content sample content) if you want to load check. snapshot button.

joomla hostgator quickinstall

Installation auto will take place. Login to the admin panel of your joomla site link, username (user name) and password (password) you can access your personal information. Also your email address will be your login information.

hostgator joomla installation

Joomla! login to your administration panel change your password immediately if you want to Quickinstall and settings (the wheel) on the sign when you click new password type your new password in the section change password when you click on change your password.

joomla changing the password

your joomla administration panel you can reach the den, and you can log in and type your username and password. You can change the password from the joomla administration panel.

joomla login

Joomla has powerful tools:

loaded with hostgator quick install joomla software, as English will come. Turkish language pack Joomla joomla from the admin panel to install the Extensions (add-ons) – language management language manager click on the languages that are installed on your site you can see. Install languages install) ye by clicking below you will find all language packs.

joomla language loading

select the language pack Turkish, in the upper left when you installed the Turkish language pack click on the button.

Turkish setup joomla

to use Turkish joomla administration panel, in the upper right corner of the super user – Logout (output) click exit.

joomla logout

when logging in into joomla admin panel and log in again, select the section from the Turkish language.

joomla Turkish input

Turkish joomla administration panel will appear. Joomla to use can benefit from the site, you can follow the current information about Joomla.

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