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WordPress admin panel and settings we shared the article with a picture of the expression. You can easily build and manage your wordpress site you will be able to different sites.

Hostgator wordpress hosting, the infrastructure needed to make automatic updates for new versions of wordpress.

wordpress hostgator linux hosting

WordPress after the wordpress administration panel www.siteadi.com/wp-admin from the address, you can login with the username and password that you set during installation.

wordpress administration panel login

wordpress admin panel below mentioned many of the menu consists of.



first use, where do we start. You want to start writing immediately. However, first we should do our adjustments properly. the admin – Admin panel we should get to know better. In the administration panel as the first let’s start with what do what does need to be done and all the other menus.

, primarily in the wordpress administration panel start menu would come up with. Overall summary this section of your site as you can think of. On your site, post, page, comment, the amount of the most recent activities, the most recent update warning if you have comments, wordpress is composed of sections such as news.

when a new version is released for wordpress, wordpress plugins and theme on the update of the Updates menu gives a warning. New wordpress versions are now automatically updated. Updates for plugins and themes in this section if you can easily do so.

start your wordpress administration panel

users from the menu start. During your wordpress installation that you set up your user access to information, and the admin screen and you can change information such as your password.

this section you can add a different person. add new and fill out the form and click create a new user. Important point is that the role section of the admin as you will have the same powers as if you add. The only writing of the person you are adding the panel settings, such as partitions, but if you wish to use author, editor you must define a role as such.

add a new user to wordpress

After the settings menu start making the necessary arrangements. In this section, the basic settings that comes with your wordpress installation, and the wordpress plugins is located in the settings. general settings; site title, tagline and time settings are made. site address and WordPress address http://www.siteadi.com pay attention to the arrangement to be. email address; you can specify any email address you own. Your posts will be sent automatically when a comment is made.

wordpress administration panel settings

settings generally you do not need to make some changes. Press tool which allows you to easily import images from sites with this feature you can activate. In the update section services sites ping throwing faster google can take part of your article automatically. Ping the proposed services; http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ http://ping.feedburner.com http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2

wordpress writing settings

Reading settings in this section, we have to talk about the structure of WordPress. WordPress also text rendering articles and pages is in the form of. Writings; log in to my wordpress blog site created with the fiction of the text you type it refers to. Most recently typed the post on the main page and the categories located at the top automatically. Posts for category you can create, but you can’t create pages. Pages; hard refers to the writings. You must connect these pages to the menu to appear on your site. I will talk menu in the settings section. Let’s reading settings front page view if you check the most recent posts, the articles are sorted in chronological order. If you select the hard page, only the pages that you specify will appear on. maximum page number will be shown a blog, and the type determines the number of categories to be shown in the main page, post more the next site appears on the page. search engine visibility, your site until your site is finished if you want to prevent it from showing up in search engines like google you can choose.

wordpress reading settings

Discussion settings, comment settings, you could say. For the purposes of controlling those who did comment, you can set to prevent spam comments. And black list you can use the comment moderation field. Once you have control of the comments you have running.

wordpress discussion settings

settings to be loaded, small, medium and large size images is done in the settings.

wordpress media settings

persistent connections; search for google search optimization-friendly url structure set up to select the portion of the private address and the specified field /%postname%.html you can write.

the settings of our site is finished. Now appearance settings came. Themes; WordPress you can use to access the themes that come with the installation. wordpress theme installation you can install new themes. add new by clicking featured, popular, latest themes and property filter you will see the themes that you identify with and according to your specifications. You can preview your chosen theme and you can set up automatically when you click on the setup. upload when you click on various wordpress theme theme file you downloaded from the site, and browse from your computer you can download and install.

wordpress theme settings

Customize; the latest versions of WordPress comes with a feature that. Site title and slogan of the site as the background colors, top image, background image, hard the front page, block the lower part of the milk, component management, such as settings from the customize screen, you can easily do.

customize your wordpress theme

components the theme of your site according to the characteristics of the left column in the right column and bottom (footer) that you want to show the menus. Components you can use to enhance your site. Together with the stock components that came with the setup, WordPress plug-ins along with the types and features of components is increasing. Component types; dec, categories, tag cloud, recent posts, recent comments, archives, pages, calendar, such as the menus. The only component to add the component in the column and make the settings you need to do is to do the drag and drop.

wordrpess component settings

menu – usually located on the top side is part of your site. Insert menu the first menu we give a name to this menu according to your theme on your site where we feature marking and recording would take place. Afterwards, the fixed side menu that you can add to categories and pages in the section will appear. Select the pages you want to include that category in the menu, and add to the menu. After adding drag – and-drop to change their order. If you want to add a sub category under a category page, you can drag and drop to the right a bit under this category. The bottom element will be called.

wordpress menu settings

top section; header is referred to as. Theme title text at the top of your site according to your specifications, the color, you can set the fields such as the upper part of the image. We customize these settings you can do from the previously mentioned section.

background; you can assign a color to the background of your site or visual. May vary according to the characteristics of your theme.

editor; this is the area where you can access the code of your theme. If you have knowledge of code made my theme from here. If you don’t have enough information if you change your theme may be distorted due to make. In this case, you will need to install the theme again. In later articles we will give more detailed information. I’m just saying that you have found a beautiful alien theme. Contact the places you want to turkcelestirmek that contains the foreign language. The necessary changes made by the editor.

edit settings wordpress theme

Post the tools menu let’s take a look at. import a wordpress site in a different category, post, page lets you import all fields such as. export you can think of it as a kind of backup. Exports all the information in the site. After import, you can transfer the exported file to the site again. Some of the wordpress plugins settings can take place in the section.

wordpress tools settings

when you say it’s time to write now, and the most important thing with wordpress that makes him different plugins menu let’s not get to write without mentioning. Previous wordpress plugins seo and writing article; 20 there is a wordpress plugin the plugin will be installed and how. WordPress plugins with more detailed articles will be shared. In this article, tinymce advanced (text editor) add-in let’s talk about it again. The text editor that comes with wordpress is extremely simple. Advanced text editor with this plugin you will have to. With the additional features that come with the plugin font (font) and font size you will be able to determine when it was written. Specifically, youtube and similar video sites you will be able to easily add the video to your post. After installing the tinymce advanced plugin, tinymce advanced settings section click on the settings of the text editor when you can reach. Drag – and-drop to use with the features that you want to add and you can change their order.

wordpress plugins settings

go now articles menu in the spring and we write. Let’s open the text editor is included with the installation or by clicking add new ‘hello world’ which comes with the mouse over a named instance, type edit see the post by clicking on the sample. We are writing the title of the first post. In the field editor, write your post and copy and paste it into the editor as you can immediately write the word and you can edit it. To add an image to post add file in your computer when you click on the picture on the screen to select the field from clicking or drag – and-drop you can add. After adjusting the picture settings, you can add a picture to your post. These pictures are menu also you will find below.

type of the field in the right section various menus; publish, categories, tags, menus and featured visual your theme, plugins, according to the additional menu. categories that comes with the general setup menu is located in the named category. Your article also write the category name by clicking on add a new category to be included, simply select it. the tag in the menu you can type in tags separated by commas. Tagged same articles on your site to click on the label will be shown. Tags are not keywords. Google optimization for article title, description and keywords wordpress seo add-ons that will be located at the bottom of your article. featured visual menu, may be of different sizes according to the characteristics of your theme. Visuals in the form of pictures and text on your site is located. publish on the menu when you click on the publish button, your post will be shown on your site. Setting the date, you can arrange with your article to be published automatically at a later time.

Articles menu categories let’s take a look. In this section you can write your categories. tags writing your post in the section that you specify when access to the labels, and you can add new tags.

wordpress post settings

we talked about adding the image to the menu let’s examine. Access to images that are added in the library section and you can edit it. You can add your photos by clicking add new.

wordpress media settings

we can write our article we wrote one again pages menu let’s examine. With the writing part of writing this chapter has the same characteristics. Clicking on add new text editor will display. As we mentioned in our article reading settings section, reload the page, refers to the writing hard. It is necessary to connect the menu to be shown on your site. Refers to the writings articles daily. Are automatically sorted in chronological order on the main page and in the categories.

wordpress page settings

we wrote our articles, you will be asked to comment to this post. Comments menu to make comments to the posts with controlled and managed. Settings the settings are mentioned in the discussion in comment section. Check the menu can approve comments, pending comments, you can carry it in the trash, and you can mark it as undesirable. You can completely delete the reviews that you moved to the trash section and foes.

wordpress comment settings

mentioned in the wordpress administration panel plugins and themes to work in the best way and your site security you must use the new versions of wordpress and the required updates you need to do.

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