wordpress-tema-turkcelestirme wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit  WordPress theme translation quickly, without the need for code knowledge your wordpress theme and theme settings located in the front of the site and how all the foreign words in Turkish were transferred to you make. free wordpress themes themes we also shared our article in Turkish , you will be able to use.

Too many of a wordpress theme in a foreign language there are words that need to be changed. Turkcelestirmey trying to identify them individually and theme codes through the most difficult and the words will be overlooked. Instead, thanks to advances in WordPress, this process is free, quick and easy how to do step-by-step let’s share our article.


Up-to-date and high quality wordpress themes for easy translation to any language ‘Lang’ or ‘Language’ folder ‘default en_US, en_GB, en_EN’ names will be found in the language files in English. Mo when you click on the language file translation compiled, Po language file when you click on the po translation will write. Turkish translation Po to a different location after copying the language file to detect and skip the step.

po-dil-dosyasi wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit


Po language files to the languages for automatic translation of google translator tool we will use. To use this tool, first google (gmail) account you must have.

Google translator toolkit tool gmail log in using your user name and password you do. Click the load button, the file will proceed to the download section; ‘add the content to be translated – upload file – Browse (button)’ Po steps to install the language file. ‘The translation into languages which would you like to make?’ Section tr and write in Turkish choose. The ‘next’ button to proceed to the next step.


google-translator-toolkit wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

Google will suggest translation for you paid. Free translation in the upper right corner for the ‘manage translations’ button.

translated wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

Google will make a translation of each word group. If you want to change your translation you have to check if you can write. Then Poedit you can edit it with the program. If you think that the translation is adequate, in the top right corner ‘Complete’ button.

google-ceviri wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

Translator toolkit go back to the page and refresh the page. Po language file and selecting “upload” click the button with the icon and save it to your computer.

wordpress-dil-dosyasi-turkcelestirme wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

As an example en_GB language po files with the rename tr_TR change. In the next step Polanguage file open, edit, and Mo in order to create a language file, we are going to transfer the free program poedit.


Poedit open the site and ‘free download‘ button, click on the setup file (setup exe) and save it to your computer. Click file, click ‘run‘ button, the installation will take place automatically when you follow the setup steps. Poedit program icon on your desktop. Let’s use poedit.

poedit-program wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

We did the translation tr_TR language we call the po to open the file click open with and select the program poedit and open the language file. Of the words in English and Turkish meanings you will see. Through the program, each word of the translation you can change.

As an example, ‘next post’ the word ‘next post’, translated as ‘next post’ you can change. Bulk edit ‘edit – find’, click ‘post’, ‘post’ that corresponds to where it says ‘the message’ translation instead of ‘post’ you can change. This process google translator toolkit you can make during the translation process.

poedit-wordpress-turkcelestirme wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

When you think that you have completed the translation, click ‘save’. In turn to edit the code errors ‘found in translation issue 20’ alert. Google translator you can translate the English to be translated or adding a space codes for different errors can occur. Without translation and the original English words and copy them individually detect the ‘Translation’ section, you can write to. After making these changes, again click ‘save’. ‘Found in translation issue 20’ 20 poedit problem because every time the program is able to detect the warning will come again. Until the end of editing and error code errors when there’s nothing left to ‘save’ when you click on the po language file tr_TR next to Mo language file tr_TR also will occur automatically.

poedit-ceviri wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

The next step that we do the translation in the language files wordpress theme we will install the files.


Your wordpress theme before, if you have not installed your theme is ‘Language’ in the folder paste the language files. WordPress theme installation as we have stated in our article, your theme the wordpress admin panel and install via WordPress setup in Turkish as Turkish as if you have made up your theme you can start using it.

wordpress-turkce-dil-dosyasi wordpress theme to Turkish poedit poedit

Your wordpress theme before if you have installed the download file from cpanel your theme as we shared in our article ‘Language’ folder and find the translation tr_TR Po and mo language files you need to install. When you log back into your wordpress admin panel theme, you can use Turkish.

WordPress theme has powerful tools and all free and paid premium wordpress themes we shared our writing Turkish. Always Po language files that contains the current wordpress site in terms of security, we recommend to use themes.